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The purpose of this page is to provide a quick and brief recap of Raven's story for those readers looking to refresh their memory, and/or for those who aren't familiar with Raven and want a better context for understanding the rest of this site.

Empty Mask Backstory

• Damuron is scolded by his father for disgracing the family name by fooling around with women.

• He decides to leave Farryheid and enlist in the Imperial Knights in Zaphias...albeit only to fool around with more beautiful women.

• After being enlisted for 6-months, he tries to hit on a commoner based on a dare from some other knights. A female knight named Casey uses some arrows to pin him to the wall in order to stop his antics.

• Damuron drinks a little too much with his knight buddies and stumbles across Casey practicing with a bow while patrolling the Lower Quarter. He makes a fool of himself...again.

• Damuron's knight buddies plan a dangerous practical joke to get back at Casey and he goes along for the ride. After realizing things begin to take a turn for the worst and that he was actually just jealous of her, Damuron jumps in and helps Casey fend off the monsters.

• Casey asks Damuron to join her newly-formed knight brigade consisting of both commoners and nobles. He is surprised, but agrees after hearing why she became a knight.

• Damuron stops messing around and works hard to live up to his role of being Casey's aide and a comrade to his fellow brigade knights.

• The Great War begins and the Casey Brigade is sent to Mt. Temza to assist in the protection of an important research facility to the Empire.

• They are able to fend off most of the monsters. However, a black Entelexeia decimates their forces. Casey and Damuron are the only two remaining.

• The two ride a horse toward the sea in hopes of returning to the Capital despite their losses. Unfortunately, the Entelexeia catches up with them, incinerates Casey and pierces Damuron through the heart—killing them both.

• Damuron wakes up in a hospital bed and quickly remembers the horrors of Mt. Temza. He immediately touches his chest and feels like something is wrong. Ripping off the bandages, he finds a blastia in place of his heart.

• Hearing the commotion, Alexei runs in and demands for him to stop trying to pull the blastia off because he was the only one they managed to save.

• Alexei asks for him to rebuild the Casey brigade, to which he immediately refuses. He wants to return to Farryheid and think about what to do next. Alexei regretfully tells him there is nothing left of his hometown.

• Damuron can't take the pain of losing everyone who has ever known him and repeatedly says he doesn't want to live.

• Alexei gives Damuron the control to his blastia, but he is unable to bring himself to turn it off.

• Giving up on "life," Damuron agrees to take on a new identity and assist Alexei. From that moment on, he is known as Schwann Oltorain, one of the few survivors of the Great War.

• Schwann "infiltrates" the Union as per Alexei's request. However, the Don notices him immediately and easily takes him down in a fight. Rather than killing him, he gives Schwann the identity of "Raven," makes him work as a member of Altosk.

• After two months of assisting the Don, Raven returns to Zaphias as Schwann. He tells Alexei what he's been up to. Alexei decides it's useful for him to have a dual identity and thus he lives as both Schwann, a captain in the Imperial Knights, and Raven, a member of Altosk.

Tales of Vesperia

• Raven meets Yuri in an adjacent jail cell in Zaphias prison. After chatting for a bit, Alexei comes to retrieve him. Raven slips Yuri the key and gives him a hint on how to escape.

• Alexei orders Raven to retrieve the apatheia that Ragou likely has in Capua Nor.

• There, Raven observes Yuri and his friends from afar and uses them to create an opportunity for himself to get into Ragou's mansion.

• Raven runs into Yuri again in Capua Torim. He mentions he was unable to find the apatheia at Ragou's mansion and runs off once an angry Rita notices he's nearby.

• Raven and the Schwann brigade show up right before Estelle is taken away by Cumore in Caer Bocram, essentially letting her remain with Yuri for the time being.

• Raven watches Rita and Estelle deal with the out of control blastia in Heliord from afar. He is in great pain due to the surge of aer influencing his heart blastia.

• He joins the party in the forst of Keiv Moc, albeit they are suspicious of his intentions. He comes and goes for a while, but ultimately sticks with the party when given the task of delivering a letter to Belius in Nordopolica from the Don.

• Harry's naivety and impulsivity leads to Belius' death. Raven immediately knows that the Don will have to pay the ultimate price in return.

• After the Don's death, Raven slips out of Dahngrest to re-join the party rather than helping with the chaos back at the Union.

• Raven accompanies the party through a few more trials until he kidnaps Estelle in Myorzo under orders from Alexei.

• Revealing his dual identity, Raven stands before the party as Schwann in order to buy Alexei time to escape from Baction with Estelle. He purposely lets Yuri slash him with his sword hoping to die and the party sees his heart blastia.

• Raven sits on the ground after hearing a rumble because he knows Alexei plans to bury him and the party alive. Yuri manages to knock some sense into him and he blasts a path through the rubble for them to escape. Unfortunately, the ceiling collapses and Raven uses the power of his heart blastia to max capacity in order to hold it up just long enough for the others to escape.

• Much to his dismay, Leblanc and some other Schwann brigade knights find him and save him from the rubble. They help him realize that "Schwann" and "Raven" weren't just masks—they were really him.

• Raven finds Yuri and the others on Heracles. They smack him around as punishment for betraying them and inform him that his life now belongs to Brave Vesperia so he can't go dying whenever he wants. With a renewed sense of purpose, Raven joins the party once more in order to save Estelle from Alexei.

• Raven helps the party rescue Estelle, defeat Alexei, search for a way to defeat the Adaphagos and confront Duke so they can carry out their plan. He supports Yuri and the others until the very end.

• The game credits show pictures of Raven leading a group of Imperial Knights and guild members, working with Leblanc and others to apprehend bad guys, spending time Karol and Repede, and traveling with the party.

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