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Tales of Vesperia has a number of game-specific terms that might make fully understanding this shrine difficult for those who are unfamiliar with the game. Thus, this page is to serve as a glossary of terms relevant to understanding Raven's story and world. The list is in alphabetical order for easy searching.

Aer: A natural substance produced by krene around the world that is required to cast magic as well as power blastia. Normally it can't be seen or felt, but it can cause adverse effects in higher concentrations. Such concentrations can cause headaches, dizziness and even monsters to go out of control.

Apatheia: Crystals that are formed from the aer consumed by Entelexeia over time. They are used in the creation of blastia and contain the will of the Entelexeia they come from.

Barrier: Formed by a specific type of blastia around some cities in order to protect inhabitants from the dangers of monsters. Some residents never leave cities because of the danger. Unfortunately, barrier blastia are precious resources, so not all cities/towns have them.

Blastia: Aer-based technology created by the ancient Geraios civilization that are composed of a "body" and a "core." Cores produce magic through formulas. The function of blastia depend on their attribute. For example, bohdi blastia allow humans to use strike and magic artes, barrier blastia create barriers to repel monsters, aqua blastia produce water, etc.

Brave Vesperia: The name of the guild formed by Karol and Yuri.

Entelexeia: A powerful race that absorb aer over their lifespan to counter the aer produced by aer krene around the world and keep levels constant. Their race became mostly extinct after the Great War. Belius, Phaeroh and Ba'ul are the main Entelexeia in the game, with a few other survivors mentioned.

Great War, The: A war that took place between humans and Entelexeia after the development of Hermes blastia 10 years before the start of the game. The Entelexeia tried to warn the humans of the danger caused by the new type of blastia, but the humans refused to listen and thus the Entelexeia went to war in order to destroy them. The humans were victorious, but there were very few survivors.

Guilds: Small organized groups that have thrown away their rights as imperial citizens in order to live freely. Guilds are formed for different purposes, but live by the oath of serving everyone rather than being self-serving.

Hermes Blastia: Blastia that are more powerful than ordinary ones but also absorb several times as much. The aer krene then produce more aer to compensate and become unstable. These blastia were the cause of the Great War.

Imperial Knights: The Empire's trained soldiers that are tasked with maintaining order and protecting the people.

Terca Lumireis: The world in which Tales of Vesperia takes place.

Union, The: A guild collective run by the five "master guilds" that serves as Dahngrest's government.

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