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I'm of the mindset that you learn a lot about characters based on what they say. Thus, I wanted to include some of my favorite Raven quotes on this page. There are also a number of additional quotes displayed throughout the site to provide context for the content, so keep an eye out for those as well!

Dramatic Humor

One of my favorite things about Raven is how much he makes me laugh. He's certainly the comedic relief in the game. Raven has a tendency to be a little...dramatic, to say the least. If you've heard Raven talk for any extended period of time, you know he can be over the top! Please read examples dramatically and imagine winks often.
"As fer my reasons, I thought I told ya—I'm on a mission of self-discovery!"

"Ah, so this is the end, huh? Farewell, all my dear fans the world over."

"What's wrong, miss genius mage? Forget me already? It's me, Raven the Great."

"Young man, you are looking at a veritable paragon of manners and good breeding."

"Hot? Heck yeah! I'm sizzling over here! Burnin' right up!"

"Hey, way to hurt a man's feelings! I've got a ton of redeemin' qualities!"

"S'pose I don't mind people thinkin' I'm 'dangerous.' Adds ta my mysterious charm..."

"Sad? I cried and cried till my throat was hoarse and there wasn't a tear left in me."

"Ahh, nothin' shines quite so bright as a young person with somethin' they're willin ta risk their life for."

"What sort of face do ya mean? Must be some poor sap with a pretty ugly mug."

"Hey, I've been on pins and needles since we got here. ...Hold my hand, would ya?"

Dead Man

Next to humor, the next most common "theme" of what Raven talks about is death and how he views himself as a "dead man." I talk about this as his way of existence more on this page, but below you can read some examples:
"I thought I was gonna die back then, too. Ah, if only I'd died then, things would've been so much easier, too..."

"Only the livin' have the privilege of sayin' they'll fight ta the last breath. And words like conviction and resolve don't mean much to a dead man..."

"Heh...I would have thought such a blow would be the end of me...of this cursed body."

"I've been a dead man for over ten years."

"Some waste their lives while they are alive, others waste their lives by dyin' too soon..."

"I can't believe I've gone this long without dyin' in battle...This can't be good!"

"Who knows? Maybe he thought dyin' would be the easiest way to solve his problems."

In Battle

Lastly, I wanted to include some battle quotes that exemplify the two themes mentioned above. Raven is always Raven, fighting or not!
"Hooray for the old man!"

"Fight like I'm gonna die, huh?"

"Heh, tools can kill ya if they aren't used properly."

"Here goes my life! Roar, o mighty being! Blast Heart!! ...Thought I was dead."

"This is my victory pose!"

"C'mon wind. Knock 'em around and cut 'em down! Wind Blade!"

"I am always ready to die in battle. So I fight with everything I have."

"All my heart, baby, all my love. Get outta here! Arrivederci!"

"Crazy, slippery, crackly, BOOM! Inverno!"

"Halt, o march of time. I'll pay you back later! Stop Flow!"

"So...yeah...Just stay dead!"

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