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I love collecting merchandise from my favorite series. Fortunately for me (not so much my wallet), Raven is popular enough to have quite a few official items. While I certainly do not have everything out there, my Raven collection is my pride and joy—I hope you enjoy looking through it! You can click on images for a larger size. This page was last updated on December 31, 2016. Please note that prices listed may change as time goes on.

Altair 1/8 Scale PVC

Owned Since: November 2013
Where to Buy: ~$120.00 @ Plamoya
I was absolutely ecstatic when this PVC was announced. Never in my dreams did I imagine Raven would get a full-scale PVC based on the history of Tales figures at the time. I collect PVCs in general, so needless to say I couldn't wait to get my hands on this! I was even more thrilled to find out that Altair was making him because I adore majority of their figures. Honestly, this PVC is probably my favorite merchandise item that I own. The sculpt and paint job are amazing and everything about the figure is such high quality. He comes with a mini version of himself (similar to the dolls that can ride on Repede) as well as an alternate expression with his Schwann hairstyle. I love his default look, though, so I don't have his alternate style on display. Click on the images below if you are interested in more photos:


Kotobukiya One Coin Figure

Owned Since: November 2010
Where to Buy: ~$110.00 @ Plamoya (whole set)
The Kotobukiya One Coin Tales figures were my among my favorite things when they were made because Tales originally had very little merchandise outside of books and CDs. I have to say that the Vesperia ones are probably their best in terms of detail and quality. Raven is part of the second set in addition to Patty, Flynn, Rita and Duke. I absolutely adore Raven's figure—I actually own three of them because I got two in my box and I traded an extra of another character to my friend for hers (yes, I am that obsessed with Raven). I very rarely find him on his own, but if you aren't interested in buying the whole set, I'd suggest keeping an eye out for him on My Figure Collection.

Tales of Friends Rubber Straps

Owned Since: 2014 (Raven); 2016 (Schwann)
Where to Buy: ~$65.00 @ Plamoya (vol 3); ~$53.00 @ Plamoya (vol 4)
Raven has two rubber straps in the "Tales of Friends" series: one in his default outfit in volume 3, and one as Schwann in volume 4. The characters themselves are about 2" tall and come with a purple strap to attach to cell phones, etc. I was fortunate enough to find Raven on a website a number of years ago to buy individually and that an online acquaintance was selling her Schwann. I keep them both displayed on my bulletin board with other straps and keychains that I've collected over the years. ♥

Trading Acrylic Keychain

Owned Since: October 2016
Where to Buy: Sites like Ebay
This keychain is from the third volume of the Tales of series trading acrylic keychain box set that also includes Mikleo, Yuri, Richard, Luke, Lloyd and Rokurou. Generally speaking I avoid buying box sets of things I only really want one of. However, I couldn't resist this because it had been a while since I added to my Raven collection and it was just so darn cute. I was actually pleasantly surprised as to how large the keychains are because I was expecting them to only be an inch or so. In reality, Raven is about 2.5 inches tall, not including the keyring. Like the previously mentioned rubber straps, this keychain is also displayed on my bulletin board.

Character Poster

Owned Since: September 2014
Where to Buy: Sites like Ebay
I came across this poster while browsing Ebay for the previously mentioned rubber strap and instantly bought it! I'm not entirely sure where it is from officially, but I know a number of other Tales characters have similar posters so they were probably in a set similar to the recent Zestiria ones. It is almost 2 feet long and I adore it. The poster used to be hanging by my bed, but I've moved it to the wall by my desk so I can look at him for longer periods of time during the day!

Empty Mask Drama CDs

Owned Since: October 2014
Where to Buy: ~$25.00 each @ CDJapan - pt 1 & pt 2
A large part of the reason I love Raven so much is because of his backstory. I was so thrilled to find out that two drama CDs were released specifically about Raven's time in the Great War and his struggle with identity afterward. Hearing Canary and others come to life when I had only read the manga was really awesome. Although my Japanese is far from where it used to be and I can't claim to understand everything that is going on, I really did enjoy listening to these CDs to further my understanding of the "Empty Mask" storyline. I also absolutely love the covers of both CDs!

Empty Mask Manga

Owned Since: September 2014
Where to Buy: ~$9.00 each @ Kinokuniya - vol 1, vol 2 & vol 3
I was absolutely ecstatic when my copies of the three "Empty Mask" manga books arrived. Not only did I enjoy seeing Raven's past depicted in a visual form, but it also shed some light on Raven's inner thoughts and emotions during key points of Tales of Vesperia that you would have no idea occurred otherwise—particularly after the Don's death and after Raven saves the party in Baction. I've read these books more times than I can count; they are certainly one of my favorite parts of my collection!

Empty Mask Novels

Owned Since: September 2014
Where to Buy: ~$6.00 each @ CDJapan - pt 1 & pt 2
Lastly, there are two light novels depicting the "Empty Mask" storyline. Reading them is certainly above my comprehension of Japanese, but I am happy to have them for my collection all the same. I love both of the covers and they do have a handful of pictures depicting parts of the story as well. My hope is that I will be able to read them someday!

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