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Cameos are small roles that a distinguished character has. In addition to Tales of Vesperia, Raven makes appearances in other games, as well as has a brief role in the Tales of Vesperia movie.

Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~ is an animated movie that takes place shortly before the events of the game. Yuri and Flynn are the main focus of the story, starting with them joining the Imperial Knights. Their squadron is sent to a town called Shizontania where abnormalities in vegetation and monster aggression are plaguing the residents due to high concentrations of aer. Raven is first seen drunk in a bar (go figure) where Yuri starts a fight with the local guild. It appears that he is temporarily working with Melzom Keider, the person in charge of the guild there. Raven is later seen sneaking around trying to find some intel about the strange events going on and seems surprised to see one of Alexei's Royal Guard members. His last scene consists of him and the other guild members watching Yuri, Flynn and the rest of their unit heading off into the forest. Melzom yells at him to inform the Don of what's happening and he runs off.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 is a Playstation Portable game released in Japan in early 2011. The story follows a guild called Ad Libitum as well as a self-created character as they investigate a strange red smoke phenomenon. Additionally, the player encounters multiple characters from different Tales of series games throughout their travels. These 80 or so Tales of characters are able to join the party at different times and are playable in addition to the main character. Raven is one of the available characters from Tales of Vesperia, along with Yuri, Flynn, Rita, Judith and Estelle.

Tales of the World: Reve Unitia was released in Japan for the 3DS in Fall 2014. The story takes place in the dream world of Revalia, which is plagued by the darkness in the hearts of Revalia's inhabitants. Without the usual Dreamcatchers to fight this darkness, individuals from the "Awakened World" are called upon to aid in the fight. Various characters from Tales of series games are brought to Revalia with no memories of their own world. Raven along with Yuri, Flynn, Estelle, Judith and Rita are the characters from Tales of Vesperia available to the player to use.

Tales of the World: Tactics Union was a game released for Japanese Android and iOS users between 2012 and 2013. However, the service is no longer available. The game took place in the same dream world as Reve Unitia. Those who are summoned in order to fight the dark Vuul are unfortunately scattered around the world and have lost their memories of their own stories and their strengths/abilities. The game had an initial set of characters and then a few more characters that were included via download content (DLC). Raven was one of the characters included via DLC after the game's release.

Tales of Bibliotheca was a scenario iOS game released in Japan in September 2013 designed to provide an alternate experience to the major Tales of series game. However, only Tales of Vesperia chapters were released before the service for the application was stopped in October of 2014. There were 12 chapters available that highlighted major events/boss battles from Tales of Vesperia. These chapters also displayed new artwork depicting these events that were never seen before—some of which including Raven!

Tales of Link is a mobile game for iOS and Android that was released in Japan in 2014 and in North America in 2016. The player has amnesia and goes on a journey with a girl named Sara and a sprite called Lippy in order to seal seeds of ruin that are causing havoc for people across the land. Like the games mentioned before, characters from the various Tales of series games are available to the player through events, lottery summons or after defeating an enemy. Raven is available as five different units: Mysterious Dandy, Vagabond Wolf, Super Star, Elusive Middle-Ager and Fishy Old Man.

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