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The Basics

Name: Raven (レイヴン)
Age: 35
Height: 170 cm
Class: Vagabond
Pronouns: 俺様 (oresama), おっさん (ossan 'old man')
Main Weapon: Bow
Sub Weapon: Short blade
First Appearance: Zaphias

Quick Facts

• Yuri's first encounter with Raven is in the Zaphias prison. He slides Yuri the key to his jail cell after Alexei comes to retrieve him.

• Raven makes brief appearances along Yuri's journey, but doesn't actually join the party until they reach Keiv Moc.

• Though Raven is a key member of Altosk—part of the Union—he is also Schwann Oltorain, a captain of the Empire's Imperial Knights.

• Raven's real name is actually Damuron Atomais. He was born into a noble family before the Great War.

• Raven served in the Imperial Knights and fought during the Great War, greatly admiring Alexei.

• Unfortunately, he was the sole survivor of his squadron, despite a fatal blow to his heart by an Entelexeia.

• Raven is alive due to a heart blastia in his chest that functions on his own life force. Alexei has the power to turn it off at any time with a remote.

• Raven enjoys flirting with women and favors them in conversation and battle. His healing move, Love Shot, prioritizes the females in the party even if the men have lower health...

• Raven is from a town in eastern Ilyccia called Farryheid, but it and its residents were completely annihilated during the Great War. He now considers Dahngrest to be his hometown.

• Yuri notices that Raven's ears wiggle when he's lying.

• One of Raven's dreams is to conquer the coliseum in Nordopolica!

• Despite his messy, "old man" appearance, Raven is noted as having a pretty muscular body.

• Raven hates sweet foods. He is, however, good at making them.

• Raven also dislikes the cold. The heat doesn't bother him, though, as he's able to do backflips in the middle of the desert while the others are sweltering.

• Sometimes Raven will talk to the player in skits, which leads to the party poking fun at him for being old/senile.

• Raven is voiced by Takemoto Eiji (JPN) and Joe Thomas (ENG).

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